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China-Germany for Sustainable Solutions with Technical Textiles Performance Show

To further boost the cooperation between China and Germany on sustainable industrial textiles, China-Germany for SustainableSolutions with Technical Textiles Performance show was held on Sep.15th by China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association associated with the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT and Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, vice president of CNTAC Xu Kunyuan, vice president of CNTACWang Tiankai, Peter Schwartze, the honorary president of the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industryattended this grand show.

This performance show started with Mr.Xu’s welcome notes,and discussed the new technology and application outlook of vehicle textiles, medical textiles and high-performance fiber.There were exhibition booths for the enterprises to show their innovation products during the forum. Besides, matching service for buyers and suppliers provided an ideal cooperation platform for manufactures, users and inspection organizations.

The range of possible fields of application for technical textiles is immense and is continually growing; such as clothing, household textiles, automobile manufacture,t h e construction industry, environmental industry and energy industry.

Nowadays, demand for technical textiles stimulated by global trends.Increasing population and higher disposable incomes, particularly in the emerging global economies enable people to buy higher-value products which also contain fiber-based material.

Moreover, increasing industrialization will boost the demand for technical textiles. The global trend towards greater environmental protection and energy-efficiency also has a positive effect on the demand of technical textiles. In a word, potential market of technical textiles is vast.

Liu Yi: I heard that this was your first time to come to Beijing to hold such performance show, so what is your mission this time? What are you doing here?

Mr. Schwartze: Maybe something wrong, t his is not my first time here. I privately visited Beijing many times, and we have a perfect relationship with CNTAC and CCPIT. We invented this event two years ago during a conversation with Mr.Du, the president of China National Textile and Apparel Council; we talked abouttechnical textiles ,and realized the problem was that nobody knew what technical textiles were.

There are special fairs, one is the biggest in Frankfurt, and these are only in Germany, they are not towards our users. At first, maybe we want to set up a f a i r. But we want to be different . Then t he idea was to make a similar form. Therefore, we started t his event with speakers , speakers f rom research institutes, big companies, and from different countries. We also invite some viewers from technical, medical, environmental auto vehicles application. It is the first time; nobody has done it before, and it is very successful.

Liu Yi : We know that at present China is a large potential market of technical textiles as needs are growing rapidly, do you have any further plans of occupying more market share?

Mr. Schwartze: I think automatic vehicle industry , we have Volkswagen, BMW, their needs are dominant, they use technical textile products made from former market Germany, but as production is growing, they also need production here . I think , at such status ,Chinese companies and German companies can work together. Truly,China i s a big potential market in textiles . In Germany, we have sixteen institutes , we are working closely together, this is a significant progress, and the key point is that we are going to be No.1 in technical textiles. Definitely, working together seems stronger.

Liu Yi: My next question is relevant to European Debt Crisis; did such crisis affect German textile industry, especially technical textile industry?

Mr. Schwartze: I must say that, too much precisely, much more than it is behind. However, German car makers are holding their business that they never did before, excellent business. We have to deliver lots of stuff into automobile industry, our forecast we made last year for this year that we generate our industry is 6-8%, this for sure will happen. There is no change.

Liu Yi: What is your expectation of this performance show?

Mr. Schwartze: My expectation is, just like I said before, we find collaboration possibilities of both countries, we work closer, we would like companies to do that. If you go around the show, I never thought there were so many people, I asked some participants, and they told me they had perfect contact, they will work together to tackle this market together.

Liu Yi: Now China textile industry is facing industrial upgrading, so Mr. President could you give us some advice to our industrial upgrading?

Mr. Schwartze: One point for sure is fashion brand. If you don’t have brands in fashion, you will not accomplish successes for a long time . Brand is one of the most important points, and brand is something you cannot build up unless you spend your long time, energy, patience to do it. World known companies like Gucci , Prada, and these companies have been building their brands for fifty years, eighty years. Maybe it is a bit difficult for Chinese companies, b u t now more and more p e o p l e are looking for brands, even kids in kinder garden. I am saying that brand is very important. If you want more business from industry to industry, you need a brand.

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